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• Corporate-draw & close for a presentation
• Networking
• Client/staff appreciation
• Special celebrations
• Assoc, alumni or club event
• Team building
• Private home tasting/pairing
• Posh soiree
• Not-for-profit

American Bar Association
Bachem-Swiss chemical & biotechnology co.
Dewitt Stern
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Morgan Stanley
Nixon Peabody, LLP
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP
Portnoy Messinger Pearl - HR
National Retailers Federation
Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson
Tom Schaudel - Restauranteur
Remedy Health Media
NY Elves-House Beautiful
Nicosia Winery - Italy
Cento Cinquanta - Italy
Empire Wine Importers
Indie Wineries
Sawgrass TPC PGA
Old Westbury Gardens
Island Harvest
North Shore LIJ Hospital-Women's Health
American Heart Assoc
Breast Cancer Society

NY State Certified Women-Owned Business

NY State Dept of Economic Development, Division of Minority and Women's Business has granted Exotic Chocolate Tasting status as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE). Businesses and organizations that require or desire to hire a women-owned business, can now meet their policy requirements by having a chocolate tasting/pairing. Now that is a sweet spot!

What is Artisan Chocolate?

Artisan chocolate is like a fine bottle of wine; every step is a labor of love. Cooperatives of cacao farmers and “Bean to Bar” chocolate makers using old world, hand made techniques and fine rare cacao beans of single origin. The flavors of each bar are indigenous to where the cacao beans are grown, like the terroir of the grape in wine making. Exotic Chocolate Tasting offers you the experience of tasting these special chocolates from around the world at your pleasure. Note: ECT does not represent any chocolate company, but showcase a variety that meet ECT standards.

Graduate of Wine School

April, 2011 - Graduated from Kevin Zraly's Windows of the World Wine School (formally at the World Trade Center) in NYC. It was a rough 6 weeks, swirling, sipping, tasting, and smelling wine! http://www.kevinzraly.com

My “Green” Mission

The higher purpose is to bring awareness of the indigenous people that create the chocolate from bean-to-bar, how cacao harvesting helps save the rain forests, the health benefits, and to demonstrate how to mindfully savor every morsel for your well being.


“I found Exotic Chocolate Tasting on the internet and took a chance and called. From the first phone conversation Roxanne was heaven sent. I wanted an upscale corporate event and she delivered. The execution was flawless up to the smallest of details. She was the perfect project manager, keeping me posted each step of the way. She is such a joy to work with and I highly recommend her services to anyone who would like to create a memorable event. She is the epitome of professionalism.” V.S. -Biotech Company from CA

"When Roxanne proposed us to pair wine and chocolate, we were not totally convinced; we typically mix cheese and wine and making something different was out of our comfort zone. So we trusted in Roxanne, crossing our fingers, until the first piece of chocolate came in our mouth; then we understood. After the event, we had the feeling to be part of a community of high skilled people and we really want to build up a long time relationship." - Graziano Nicosia, owner of Nicosia Winery, Sicily

"It was a pleasure to have you for the evening and you were absolutely wonderful! All my colleagues had a great time.
Let’s just say we will never look at commercialized chocolate the same way again! Again, thank you for the book and all the wealth of information."
Ada Khun, Assistant Vice President - BNP PARIBAS, NYC

"We had a great turnout and I just kept hearing very positive feedback about the event. Thank you so much! I look forward to working with you again in the future!"
- Team coordinator for a Fortune 500 Financial firm

"If you were a Broadway play, you would be getting rave reviews. The guests couldn't stop talking about how much they enjoyed the wine and chocolate pairings, how much they learned, and even more important, how they're going to change their buying habits. Good-bye Hershey kisses. We're going for the good stuff!

Truly, your message about being mindful consumers hit home. Everyone was fascinated to learn about the origins of the chocolate we eat and to better understand what makes a quality product.

On a personal note, I can't thank you enough for how easy you made the party planning. From the very first phone call to the last, you were the consummate professional. Easy going, accommodating (very!!!) and always delightful to speak to. Honestly, I would recommend you to anyone who wanted to do a party, event or fundraiser that was engaging and memorable.

Continued good luck with your endeavors and discoveries. You are a one-woman treasure!" Saralee Rosenberg, published author

"Our Savor the Season wine and chocolate pairing with Roxanne Browning was an eye opening event not to be missed.  Beyond the sold out crowds, the delicious tasting, and the informative and interactive nature of Roxanne’s presentation, the night amounted to a most memorable experience.  I extend my personal thanks to Roxanne for her seamless organization in making this event a smooth success.  Old Westbury Gardens and our visitors greatly appreciated it!"
Lisa Reichenberger - Environmental Educator
Old Westbury Gardens     

"I attended one of Roxanne's seminars several months ago, and haven't forgotten a thing, it was marvelous!! She is so passionate, and informative, and the entire event was extremely educational, as well as tasty!! I am now hooked on her single origin chocolates which are easier to find than one would have expected... If you love wine, and you love chocolate, image the fun when you mix the two, sign up and attend one of her events, you'll be addicted!" - FP

"Everyone was raving about the wines and chocolates, but most of all how knowledgeable you were and how entertaining you made everything. We are still savoring the chocolates and wines from the party this week! Thanks again - I'm so happy you do what you do, and that I was able to find you! :)"
- Private Party in NYC

"I did really enjoy the event last night - not only was it informative, well run, and interesting it elicited a unique form of bonding that transcended the usual networking experience." V.E.

"Roxanne, thanks for hosting our company's wine and chocolate pairing event. Everyone had a great time. It was certainly a fun and different way to experience two things we already love!! Your passion for chocolate really shows in your presentation and I think we all learned a lot about how chocolate is made and why your chocolates are different from what you find in the candy aisle!"
Rebecca - Large NYC Insurance Company

"Thank you very much! It was a pleasure meeting you and participating in your wine & chocolate pairing. We had a terrific time last night." Fran - Large NYC Financial Institution - client appreciation

"You just won over the biggest West Side Snobs" - Guest at a private party in NYC

"Everyone really enjoyed it and you managed it perfectly. They are a spirited group...I am now even more excited about our partnership and know that it will be a big success." - General Manager of a International Hotel

"You were awesome. Thanks for everything. I've been fielding calls from everyone with nothing but compliments about the tasting. The evening was a great success, in no small part by you and your incredible professionalism and (obvious) knowledge, love and passion for what you do.
I can't wait to have another event and have you do your thing" - Private Party

"I had the opportunity to see Roxanne in action and I must
tell you that she is very terrific. Her expertise is apparent and she gets the crowd interested, involved and enthused. (And yes, the chocolate and wine are good too:) )"
I would recommend that you connect with her for
networking purposes and think of her for personal and corporate events." - A's Network Endorsement

"I, too, can attest to Roxanne's expertise. The Long Island chapter of Friendship Force International recently home hosted a group from Leuven, Belgium. One of the activities we planned for them was a trip to the North Fork for a picnic, a farm tour, a vineyard tour, and then a wine
& chocolate pairing led by Roxanne. They could have been a tough crowd-- Belgian's & chocolate! They raved about Roxanne." - Sheila Z, Friendship Force

"Thank you so much for presenting your extraordinary chocolate and wine pairings...The feedback from every person with whom I spoke was a rave review." - Chairperson from a Breast Cancer Foundation.

Host an Exotic Chocolate Tasting

Click photo for video of events

Click photo for video of events

Roxanne Browning, New York’s Chocolate Sommelier, will guide guests on a journey discovering chocolates from the Amazon rainforest to the tropical Islands paired with wine or straight up. A luscious passport around the world from your office, home, or restaurant. This soiree for the senses is both entertaining and educational. Sip and savor with associates, friends, or family in this one-of-a-kind adventure!

Chocolate & wine. Now that’s a perfect sensory experience! Roxanne’s original idea pairs terroir-driven chocolate with wine to enhance their flavors and nuances. Sip the wine with the chocolate, “aha!” moment follows, infusion of flavors using all your senses will reveal a fun new way to enjoy these beloved pleasures. Beer/spirit/cheese pairings with chocolate are also available. 

Tasting chocolate is different than eating chocolate Craft chocolate makers rely on the flavor of rare heirloom cacao beans to shine. Unique as a snowflake, each single-origin bar will have a distinct flavor profile. Enjoy these award-winning chocolates while Roxanne describes their journey from bean-to-bar. 

Exclusive Chocolate Pairings or Tastings customized to meet your needs

Chocolates paired with wines

Exotic Chocolate paired with wine

• The world of chocolate – an interactive presentation – History of chocolate, how it’s made,  the health benefits,  and how cacao sustains the rainforest and the indigenous people

• At your venue or suggestions of wine bars and restaurants in the New York Metro area

Reserve Collection- for chocolate and/or wine connoisseurs with limitless budget and taste.

Roxanne’s Bio

For info to host an Exotic Chocolate Tasting – call 631-252-0658 or email Roxanne

When held, public events are listed to the right in the NY area

NY’s Chocolate Sommelier Ventured to Amazon for Extreme Research


Roxanne from Exotic Chocolate Tasting harvesting a cacao pod in the Amazon

Roxanne, New York’s Chocolate Sommelier from Exotic Chocolate Tasting recently traveled to the Kallari Cocoa Cooperative in the heart of Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest to learn chocolate making from the cacao pod to the bar. Living with a host family in their thatched roof hut in the small Kichwa village of Ilayacu, the community welcomed her interest on how they have been harvesting cacao for centuries. Her hands-on experience has since been incorporated into her wine and chocolate events in the New York area.


Luis opening a cacao pod in the Amazon on his family's plantation

The origins of cacao began there thousands of years ago, when the Kichwa farmers harvested and sold the valued beans to the Incas to create the “Food of the gods.” Today, Kallari Chocolate is on of the few farmer-owned chocolate bars and has created sustainable income so Kichwa people can fulfill basic family needs without logging the rainforests or giving up their land to oil companies.

The experience enriched Roxannes’ ability to convey the importance of location, cocoa bean variety and the terroir that make up the flavor profile of chocolate. Additionally, it put a face on the farmers who produce the product–an important part of the growing farm-to-plate education trend.

Most people think that fine dark chocolate comes from France, Switzerland or Pennsylvania, and don’t know it’s a fruit grown in a tropical rain forest.

Knowing the source of their food empowers consumers, they can make a choice between sustainable chocolate versus commercial chocolate made from bulk cocoa beans imported from West African countries that exploit child slaves.


Inside a fermented cacao bean showing three varieties of heirloom cacao

Once they are aware, will consumers opt for the dark chocolate bar, bunny, or Santa made from commercial chocolate or Direct or Fair Trade chocolate? Roxanne’s mission is to bring awareness so that they will opt for the one that helps, not hurts children from other nations.

To view a photo essay on the trip, visit the Exotic Chocolate Tasting Face Book Page Go to photos tab

This trip inspired the Rainforest Chocolate Tour – Info found on this site.

NBC Nightly News visits Kallari Cooperative – Watch video

Cacao’s Journey CNN Graphic – Cocoa-nomics explained: Unwrapping the chocolate industry

New from Exotic Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate, Cheese & Wine Pairing

An International firm celebrates at a NYC Conference. Testimonial from the Marketing Director…

The Vanguard Wine Bar in NYC. There a chocolate, cheese and wine pairing for corporate event

The Vanguard Wine Bar in NYC. There a chocolate, cheese and wine pairing for corporate event

“I found Exotic Chocolate Tasting on the internet and took a chance and called. From the first phone conversation Roxanne was heaven sent. She took the reins, teamed up with a wine and cheese expert and together they created a beautiful experience for our customers. I wanted an upscale corporate event and she delivered. The execution was flawless up to the smallest of details. She was the perfect project manager, keeping me posted each step of the way. She is such a joy to work with and I highly recommend her services to anyone who would like to create a memorable event. She is the epitome of professionalism.”

For info or a quote call 631-252-0658 or email Chocolate Sommelier Roxanne

Reserve Collection-Chocolate & Wine Pairings

For the Connoisseurs with Limitless Budget and Taste

The chocolate bars that I feature at my chocolate and wine pairing are all outstanding and enhance wines that are in the $12-25

Exotic Chocolate & Wine

Exotic Chocolate & Wine Pairing

price range. But some clients want to raise the bar (no pun intended), by using higher quality wines or even wines from their private collection.

I’m always on a mission to find those rare limited edition bars and have acquired a collection that has not been released. Imagine, pairing them up with a vintage Barolo, Burgundy or California Cab? This Reserve Collection is for those foodies and wine collectors that truly want to experience a new level in palate sophistication. A true Soiree for the Senses!

For info or a quote call 631-252-0658 or email Chocolate Sommelier Roxanne